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The Truth According to Puppetji

    Master Puppetji speaks the truth as only he can. Reminding us all to laugh every day, and not take anything too seriously; see the funny side of life and "Enlighten Up"
     O Puppetji:
     I love meditation, yoga, 420, a nice hookah and dancing like no one is watching....I love a good steak, Cabernet and a fine smoke....Vist me at http://www.puppetji.com
    Namaste peace & carrots
    Rodzinne miasto: India
    Kraj: Stany Zjednoczone
    Zawód: Guru, Yogi, Joyologist
    Firmy: Puppetji.com - puppetji.blogspot.com - The New Dehli Deli
    Tantra, meditation, waterslides, yoga, gardening, cooking, smoking from the sacred hookah, teaching yoga in prisons, dancing naked, collecting hookahs, healthy bowel movements, did I say tantra....sleeping, dreaming, road trips, my iPod, monkeycoffee, happy hour. Money!!
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